Emergency & Referral

The purpose of the Emergency is to respond rapidly and assess effectively to provide the best possible first aid to save lives in a crisis. Prior to transit to the hospital emergency paramedic staff utilizes its knowledge and expertise in conjunction with appropriate technology to promote recovery, ensure safety, and stabilize the patient. The Referral Centre provides the service to transfer patient quickly and safely via helicopter or ambulance. Patients are then sent to receive the appropriate treatment at the Emergency Department at the hospital with the medical team with advanced equipment and facilities.

The Emergency Department is for all patients ranging from those who need emergency care for serious and life-threatening conditions to those with minor burns, sprains, strains, broken bones, bites and stings. These are operating 24 hours a day providing consistent care including physical and psychological rehabilitation to the point where the patient is able to return home peacefully.

Available investigations
  • Blood Test: As needed.
  • Example: Full blood count, Urea & electrolytes, Liver function tests, Random glucose, Thyroid function test , Urinalysis, Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate(ESR)/C reactive protein(CRP), etc.
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG): a bedside test which uses 12 leads surface electrodes on the body to record the electrical activity of the heart.
  • X-rays: It uses electromagnetic radiation that penetrates structures within the body and creates images of these structures on photographic film.
  • CT Scan: it uses X-rays to make detailed pictures of the heart’s size, evaluate for signs of fluid in and around the lungs and heart.
Available Services
  • Emergency Center
  • Experts at Night
  • Trauma Surgery
  • Pediatric Trauma
  • Intensive and Critical Care Medicine